Vision Soccer Camps Coming this Summer!

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SHEPHERD’SGROVE will sponsor two Soccer Camps this summer for anyone in the local community ages 6-14 years. These camps will be held June 23-26, 2021 at Orange Lutheran High School in Orange, and July 14-17, 2021 at Crean Lutheran High School in Irvine. However, this is not your typical sports camp! Our goal is to give each student a positive ‘vision’ for their life, which will be done through daily encouragement and God-centered themes. 

At Vision Soccer Camps our goals are:

  • Provide a positive, safe, and loving Christian environment. Each coach and volunteer will demonstrate the love of Christ by building relationships and focusing on the student first, not their soccer ability.  This will have a positive, life-long impact on the students.
  • Have fun! We desire that the soccer camp is a positive experience for the children, moms, dads, coaches, and all involved!
  • Provide high-quality soccer instruction.
  • The camp includes Bible times, testimonies, and assemblies that clearly present the Good News.

Each camp is run by a team of soccer coaches, soccer players, and volunteers who come from the local Orange County community. The learning takes place both on and off the field as students gain a greater understanding of both soccer and the Gospel.

Ways for You to get involved with Vision Soccer Camps:

  • If you have a child age 6-14, encourage them to participate.
  • Sponsor a child. It costs $75 per child to attend, but any amount is appreciated.
  • Help at the camp! We need many volunteers 16 or older to help at the camp each day! Students can receive community service hours too! You can help whether you play soccer or not!
  • Sponsor lunch or snacks for the camp.

Next Steps:

  • Register your child to participate NOW!
  • Give toward our soccer camp fund to sponsor foster children to participate. More details to come.

For further information, please contact Curtis Drever, Director of Global Missions & Outreach, or stop by the Outreach table on the courtyard on Sundays.