Rooted Small Groups

Rooted Small Groups

Beginning September 14th

Our world today tends to isolate and try to separate us. However, we do not live well while being distant from others. Rooted is our 10-week small group experience to connect with God and others. We were created to help, know, and care for one another, that is, to follow God in community. All of us need a place to know and be known by others. Rooted provides a book for daily readings, reflection, and prayer. Then weekly we gather in a group that is led by a trained facilitator to discuss what we have read, and share our journey of life in a safe and caring environment. Rooted is for everyone regardless of background or experience.

Here is what some have said about their Rooted experience:

"Life changing!"

"Before Rooted I really did not know my purpose, but now I am living it!"

"I used to speak to God, but now I have learned to listen to God."

"I have discovered that God really loves me."

"The Rooted journey helped me meet some great people and get to know God."

"My Rooted group has become my family."

"Now I understand, I do not go to church, I am the church."

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