We want to help you find a place to serve and match your passion and talent with current opportunities, so that you can discover your calling, deepen your connection with God, and change the world — all in the name of Jesus!

If you are interested in any of our Outreach programs at Shepherd’s Grove, please visit the CONNECT table on Sunday or email us.

Curtis Drever


Irvine Outreach

Our mission is to demonstrate compassion-in-action with a team that is available on short notice to meet needs that arise in Irvine and surrounding communities. We seek to help individuals or families experiencing a tough situation, in partnership with case management or other supportive service organizations.

Compassion opportunities are far-ranging, though many are related to preventing homelessness and helping people out of homelessness. It takes a community working together to make this successful!

If you are interested in joining us, sign up below and Curtis Drever, Leader of Local Missions, will contact you.

More info: Curtis Drever | outreach@irvinepres.org

Pizza Friday has been an outreach ministry to the kids of Woodbridge High School for the past 20 years. We offer an inexpensive lunch and a safe place for students to meet (two youth lounges, church steps, grassy areas); they have a chance to rest, relax and have some fun before returning to class. We need many hands. About 24 people, each week, are needed to serve approximately 500-600 students quickly, while role modeling hospitality, a servant’s heart, and God’s love. Many of the students have never been on a church campus. We want them to remember the way they were treated and welcomed while they were with us.

If you have an hour to spare on a Friday, and can smile, say a kind word, and pass out pizza at the same time, you are perfect for this ministry. You need only three to five seconds to touch someone’s heart and make a difference in their lives. God gave IPC this perfect location (which is not considered off-campus to WHS!) — and He most definitely wants us to use the gift of our location for His purposes.

More info: Curtis Drever | outreach@irvinepres.org

If you’ve ever thought about adoption or foster care for your family or want to know other ways to help adoptive and foster families, this is the place for you! This event is hosted by adoptive and foster families who are there to provide information and answer questions in a no-pressure environment.

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In partnership with Zero by 2020 Vision, Shepherd’s Grove will sponsor a Soccer Camp here in Irvine for both foster kids and anyone in the local community. However, this is not your typical sports camp!

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Orange County Missions


Ministry Contact: Merlin Eelkema

KidWorks was established to transform challenged neighborhoods within central Santa Ana by building on the strengths and potential in the community through education, character formation and personal development. Volunteer opportunities include being an afterschool tutor, computer lab assistant, library aide, preschool helper, teen mentor, creative arts instructor and administrative assistant. You’re also welcome to meet at Kidworks the first Tuesday of every month to take care of preschoolers while their parents attend workshops on parenting, the U.S. education system, and other important topics.

More info: Curtis Drever | outreach@irvinepres.org


Ministry Contact: Randy German

Each summer a team of approximately 100 volunteers provides a week-long camp experience for local children, ages 7–11, from Orange County’s foster care system. The mission is to build self-esteem, model and teach the love of Christ, impart hope and provide a positive memory for abused and neglected foster children from our local community. Following camp, there is an opportunity to participate in a year-round mentoring program. We are seeking volunteers for our 2018 camp which will take place in San Diego County, Sunday, July 28–Friday, August 2. There are many areas to serve including counselors and activity directors. To learn more, or apply to join this local mission, visit rockharbor.royalfamilykids.org.

Samaritan’s Purse (Operation Christmas Child)

Ministry Contact: Barbara Robison

Operation Christmas Child brings joy and hope to children around the world through gift-filled shoe boxes and the Good News of God’s love. In November of each year, IPC participates in filling shoe boxes and helping in the Orange County Processing Center to carefully inspect and prepare each box for overseas shipment.

More info: Curtis Drever | outreach@irvinepres.org

IPC Contact: Toby Weissert
Ministry Contact: Connie Jones, 1601 West 2nd Street, Santa Ana, CA 92703 | 714.547.4073

The second Sunday of each month, 12:30–3 pm, a group from IPC meets at Southwest Center in Santa Ana to prepare and serve a luncheon to those in need. The two and a half hour commitment includes preparing the meal, serving the food, praying with and meeting the guests and clean-up. There are other opportunities to volunteer at Southwest Center. Contact the Center for more information.

More info: Curtis Drever | outreach@irvinepres.org


Mexico Missions

El Niño, Mexico

Friday, May 24 – Sunday, May 26

Depart Friday 9 am. Return to OC Sunday by 7 pm.

We will build either a church or several houses, distribute food, paint, play games with local children, and worship at Comunidad Cristiana El Niño.

This is a great weekend for all ages!

Cost: $150 per person; $450 maximum per family; $110 for YoungLife/Student — includes all meals, lodging, and outreach items. Scholarships are available.

This is a very popular trip and is limited to 80 people.

If you need a ride to Mexico, we will try to find you a seat.

Mandatory Team Training: Sunday, May 19, 12:30-1:30 pm


IPC Contact: Curtis Drever

Tijuana Christian Mission, founded in 1964, has campuses in Tijuana and Rosarito and is IPC’s longest continual running mission partner. TCM provides a home for over 100 homeless children, age newborn to age 18. In addition to providing housing, the dedicated TCM staff, led by Sara, Seth and Martha Gomez, share the love of Jesus Christ with the abandoned, orphaned and lonely children of Tijuana. Staff members work together to meet not only the physical needs of the children, but their emotional and spiritual needs as well.

In addition to hosting an annual Christmas party at TCM, there are opportunities to serve through trips to provide dental care, outreach, and facilities repairs and maintenance.

(a.k.a. Christmas Gift Drive and Celebration)
IPC Contact: Paul and Diane Park

The highlight of every Christmas at IPC is participating in the TCM Christmas party. Photos of children living at Tijuana Christian Mission are displayed on a Christmas tree, and we are given the opportunity to select a child for whom to buy a gift. We take the photo home to display on our own Christmas tree, as a reminder to pray for that child. On the first or second Saturday of December, IPC hosts a Christmas party at the orphanage in Tijuana. We present the children with their gifts, play games and have fellowship, and enjoy a delicious Mexican meal together.

Education is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty. As Christianity Today notes, every year of schooling means a better financial outlook for children, their families, and their communities. Your commitment can transform a child’s life forever. Without outside support, most El Niño children cannot continue past middle school.

The El Niño Scholarship Program proudly includes 400 students, 90 of whom are currently attending university, trade school or seminary to become doctors, nurses, teachers, engineers, and pastors.

For detailed information on sponsorships, LEARN MORE and DONATE ONLINE ›


Photo Day is a wonderful way to connect with the people of El Niño, Mexico—and if you currently sponsor a student, this is the perfect opportunity to meet them and spend a little time getting to know them. Come down and be blessed by the sight of 350 students lined up to give you their biggest smiles.

This trip is a great way for families to serve together. If you can take a picture, measure feet, translate a little Spanish or would just like to help things run smoothly, we would love to have you.

QUESTIONS? Email Laura Boyd at lauraboydca@gmail.com or call (949) 433-9727.


Fiesta in El Niño, Mexico

Saturday, August 24, 2019, 7 am – 7 pm

Church Contact: Julie Waterman, cjezewaterman@cox.net

Meet your El Niño Sponsored Student and build deeper relationships with El Niño and church friends!

Enjoy a day of fun and service! What we’ll be doing:

  • Celebrating the upcoming school year with a great time of distributing backpacks, shoes, uniforms and school supplies to the sponsored children.
  • Honoring the university students and graduates.
  • Hosting a fiesta for the children and their families with fun games.
  • Enjoying a delicious lunch prepared by the fabulous cooks from Iglesia Comunidad Cristiana El Niño.
  • Serving together with our friends from Iglesia Comunidad Cristiana El Niño.

How you can serve:

  • Distribute backpacks
  • Run game and craft booths with university students
  • Take photos
  • Translate
  • Have fun with the children
  • Loan an EZ-Up for the day



Asia Missions

When God called His people together to start Irvine Presbyterian Church, there were many IPC members who had ties in Asia.

There has always been an emphasis at IPC to look outward toward how we can serve the world, as opposed to just the inward nurture of our spiritual needs. Because of Irvine’s unique demographics and the connections members have, we currently support mission partners in China, Japan, India, Indonesia and the Philippines. With God, nothing goes to waste: He uses our skills, talents, education, even our ethnic backgrounds to serve His kingdom. It should not be surprising that He has called us to be light and salt to our neighbors on the Pacific Rim.

For more information on how to get involved with IPC missions in Asia, contact Curtis Drever at949.786.9627, ext. 210.

Caring for China (CFC)

Some of IPC’s longest serving mission partners are Cyril and Gabrielle Thomas of Caring For China. They started sending English teachers into Southern China in the early 1980s, just after the Cultural Revolution. Soon, there were teachers all over the country, sharing the gospel as their students asked about their lives. On Christmas Day in 1990, several teachers decided to volunteer at a local orphanage in Central China, hoping to spread some cheer to the babies and children there. What they found was heartbreaking.

The teachers prayed that somehow God would rescue the children from such a desperate situation. Four years later, their prayers were answered when the authorities asked the teachers if their organization would consider setting up a model orphanage that would bring the facility up to international standards and prepare the children for adoption. This was the beginning of the work with orphanages, and CFC now helps manage three facilities in Central China.

Many of the children have medical issues or are disabled. In 1997, a medical program was started to meet their needs. Today, the healthcare team is partnered with a local hospital and CFC has half a floor of a hospital, including an operating room. In 2005, a group of 40 IPC members visited China and got to see firsthand the work in the orphanages and meet the volunteers.

Today, Caring For China still recruits and places teachers in China. The orphanages are running well and the healthcare program is reaching out to local villages to teach preventive medicine that, they hope, will result in fewer abandoned babies with birth defects. Adult training for special needs children is being administered and older children with special needs are being taught vocational skills through Caring For China programs.

Pravaham: A Community for Peace and Justice

Ministry Contact: Lucy Shyamsundar
IPC Contact: Anita Coleman

Pravaham means an “ever flowing stream.” Located in South India, Pravaham was established in 1993 by the Rt. Rev. Ananda Rao Samuel, former Moderator and Bishop of the Church of South India. With very little outside help, its ministries serve the marginalized, oppressed, poor, and rural villages among whom it is situated. Programs include:

  • 1-year nursing aide program for high school drop-outs
  • Evening tuition centers in the villages
  • Model school outreach, whereby students are brought to the Pravaham campus for fun, Christian devotions and hot, nutritional meals
  • Free health and medical camps
  • Christian ecumenical retreats
Members Rex and Susan Johnson are both support staff for Wycliffe Bible Translators. Here is their story:

Rex joined Wycliffe in 1982 and went to the Philippines as a translator in 1988 with his first wife, Beth. When she passed away in 1996, he returned to the US with his kids. Now he does typesetting of Scripture, as well as academic publications about Asian languages (such as journal articles, dictionaries, and grammars). He has recently started typesetting Scripture in languages that read from right-to-left and use Middle-eastern alphabets like Arabic and Syriac. Rex and Susan have worked in the Philippines for many years, but with family needs and the current ease of typesetting from a distance, he is on remote assignment and does typesetting from home in the US. At some point they may go back overseas, but most likely not to the Philippines since translation projects are finishing up there. He’s excited to see how his assignment is developing into a more global work.

Susan joined Wycliffe in 1984 and worked in West Africa and the Philippines as a teacher. She was in California, retraining as a counselor, when she met and married Rex in 1997 and they joined IPC. The family returned to the Philippines and Wycliffe expressed a need for more career guidance counselors, so Susan got training to help members explore their gifts, interests, values, and God’s calling in their lives; so they will continue serving Bible translation in a job that fits well. She was recently reassigned to Wycliffe USA, so is working with members in the US, Asia, and around the world who have requested career guidance.

Rex and Susan have found it very rewarding to be involved in people’s lives and have a small part in fulfilling the Great Commission.


Africa Missions

Jesus told his disciples, “ … just as you did it to one of the least of these who are members of my family, you did it to me.” (Matthew 25:40)

Feed the hungry and thirsty. Clothe the ragged. Visit the sick and incarcerated. To the extent that we do these things for the broken, bereft men, women, and children in our world, we also do for Christ! Africa is a continent that in many ways is broken and hurting. Africa by the millions:

Over 300 million people in Africa live on less than $1 per day.

Over 30 million people in Africa are HIV positive. This represents 70% of global infections.

Over 11 million African children have lost one or both parents to HIV/AIDS.

God calls us to be the hands and feet of Christ — to respond with compassion to His children who are suffering in the world. We can look at God’s people in Africa with stolen dreams, at an entire continent whose future hangs in the balance, and question God. Or we can look at these problems and realize this is God’s question to us: Who cares about the people of Africa? We do!

For more information about Africa missions, contact David Boyd at 949.433.9737.

Is God calling you to GO and serve? Shepherd’s Grove Presbyterian Church is commissioning a team to build a playground at the Christ Church Christian Care Centre (5Cees) orphanage in Johannesburg, South Africa. The 5Cees orphanage provides love and care for over 100 children and has been a ministry partner for 15 years. This amazing adventure will be an incredible blessing to the 5Cees children and will be an awesome faith journey for the mission team.

What will the team do? We’re partnering with Kids Around the World to build a playground at the orphanage. The team will also engage in other service projects and have an opportunity to engage with and learn more about the people and culture of Africa.

Trip dates: Depart 7/5/19 and arrive home on 7/16/19.

Cost per person: $2,500 (includes airfare, lodging, food and other incidental trip costs). A non-refundable $500 deposit per person will be required by March 28, 2019.

For more info or sign up: You can get more information and sign up at the OUTREACH table on the Courtyard on Sundays. You may also contact: David Boyd (949) 433-9737, dtboydmail@yahoo.com OR Curtis Drever (714) 906-3841, curtis@irvinepres.org

Solomon and Grace Fasanmade
Pastors, New Life School, Swaziland, Africa

Over 40% of all adults in Swaziland are infected with HIV. As a result, thousands of children have lost one or both parents, and are either living on the streets or with very little support. The New Life School is a beacon of hope for many of these children. This Christian high school provides an education, food, and shelter for orphaned and poverty-stricken children. Pastor Solomon Fasanmade is the Director (and founder) of the school. IPC has developed a child sponsorship program that currently provides hope to children in need. IPC also commissions short-term missions teams to serve with the children and staff at New Life.

Paul Siaki and Family
Missionaries, OC International, South Africa

Rev. Paul Siaki is a tireless missionary who plants and nurtures new churches in Africa. He also trains pastors to serve and lead these churches to further God’s kingdom. The hearts and lives of people in Africa can only be transformed through God’s love and grace. Paul’s work in Africa is spreading the Gospel to a continent that is yearning for God’s healing transformation. IPC provides ongoing prayer and financial support to Paul Siaki and OC International.

Themba and Buhle Bhembe
Ubuhlebethemba Community Development (UBCD), Natal, South Africa

After decades of oppression, Soweto township is burdened with 60% unemployment, a high crime rate, and poverty. UBCD is playing a central and mission critical role in transforming the lives of God’s people in Soweto. UBCD ministers to the needs of the community, and also has a food program. UBCD serves the poorest of the poor: those living with poverty, unemployment, HIV, and lack of educational opportunities. In June 2014, Themba and Buhle established a new community development center in Natal, South Africa. The Natal center provides food, tutoring, spiritual mentoring and counseling, home-based care, and after school activities to a rural, impoverished community.

Themba and Buhle Bhembe Worship and Testimony Video ›

Mike Sunker
Director, Christ Church Christian Care Centre (5Cs), Hillbrow, South Africa

Rev. Mike Sunker is the Director of the 5Cs, and heads a staff of 14. IPC provides ongoing prayer support, and routinely commissions short-term mission teams to serve with this ministry.

Hillbrow is an inner-city section of Johannesburg where there are many homeless children, struggling to cope and survive in an environment that seems hopeless. The Christ Church Christian Care Centre is primarily focused on serving the needs of the homeless, hurting, and hungry children of Hillbrow. The ministry includes:

Worship services and feeding program for homeless children

An orphanage for children

Education and spiritual counseling for young children and troubled teens.

Video messages from the Mike Sunker and the 5Cs ministry:

5Cs, part 1
5Cs, part 2
5Cs, part 3
5Cs, part 4